Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Computer Science VS. Information Technology Course

As we step up to the new world of computer studies and technologies. We are having courses that evolves even in the past few years. This is because technology driven by computer parameters has continued to develop more and more software and hardware. It just like we're now living this time in computer era or somewhat computer revolution come's out from my mind.

Universities particularly here in Cebu strengthens computer courses like computer science course, information technology course, computer engineering course, and other computer related courses we're this subject has been added to some courses also.

You may wonder about my introduction that is nowhere to go. Here we go now, one thing in my mind is how's the difference between IT and Com Scie course. And why does these exist in different fields of expertise? Or what if the two will be as one subject?

These questions comes out from my mind. And so, after I made saome research especially in my favorite search engine, then I realize and learned that there is really a big difference on both fields. As I have known that basically computer science course is all about programming and Information technology course is on networking/integration side.

According to the people of, both courses are being defined:

"A Computer Science program is different at each school. Computer Science is "suppose" to be more theoretical and less applied and less engineering hence the word "science".

Best way to visualize it is imagining an up side down pyramid. You have the physics area at the bottom level... workings of inside a transistor... SiGe, InP, Carbon Nanotubes and so on. Physics and Electrical Engineering is applied here to generate better devices. Next level is your chip design level which uses these devices to make integrated circuits, power electronics. This is area of Computer and Electrical Engineering. Computer engineering has two sides a hardware and software. They are like a mix breed of CS and EE. Next level is the Computer Science where computer scientist know the circuits/hardware that exist and develop solutions to incorporate it. Computer science is quite a wide area so this as low as they get or as "engineering" as they get. Good example of all this is when multicores was developed computer science has to learn to develop code to utilize multiple cores. They have very little knowledge of the inner works of register files of the CPU but do know what goes in and what goes out... a black box if you will. IT is next level higher which is the highest level. IT studies the impact of solutions developed from software/hardware with business/industry. They see to it that these solutions are applied correctly and continue to work in the future.

There are more jobs at the higher level such as IT and CS then it degrades more down the pyramid you go. Less jobs at the bottom but they pay more. Pay is inversely proportional to job availability. IT actually do have a high pay these days because mostly their due to their high demand. I would it well secure also.


While the answer below is lengthy (and in some cases incorrect) there is a much easier and shorter way of explaining the difference.

Computer Science is the study of engineering and principles involved in the engineering, design, development, integration and testing of computer systems at all levels (my first base course was in Machine Code programming about 25 years ago). This includes applied areas of Math and Science, Materials Engineering, Electrical and Electronics theory and Engineering, and Programming fundamentals.

Information Technology is the use of computers and similar devices (electronic and communications) to process and distribute information by many different means - Digital processing is just one of many forms of distribution."

There's really the difference between them. And to summarize shortly, IT is the end user, tech, computer expert using and editing programs for business use, administration, and networking but IT can do also programming like ComScie people. While ComScie writes codes and more on hardcore programming but yet he can do also the job like IT in practical ways.

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