Tuesday, October 7, 2014

KIA's Manny Pacquiao CROSSOVER MOVE on Chris Timberlake VIDEO!

Watch the crossover move by our very own Manny Pacquiao on Blackwater point guard Chris Timberlake, it was a good fake and a crossover but unluckily Timberlake stole the ball when Manny Pacquiao going for the attack on the ring.

Kia Sorento's Manny Pacquiao tries to elude Blackwater PG Chris Timberlake in their preseason game Saturday at the Alonte Sports Arena in BiƱan, Laguna. Playing coach Manny Pacquiao registered 1 point, 1 rebound, and 2 turnovers in his 1st game for the Sorentos.


Manny will listen Only with his wife,relatives and friends if they could ask him to step down from basketball and concentrate in boxing but lets give em a try and maybe he will listen to our clamour.

Pacquiao just jumped in the pro-league, not only to play but to coach.
He is obviously not a pro-level type of player, physically or skills wise, even knowledge of how the game is played within a team-system.
But KIA is paying him, fans are cheering him on like a circus act, and the guy is living his dream.

I just hope that he realize quickly that he truly does not belong in the court as a pro-player or on the bench as a coach to a professional team, and that he does not get injured and derail is boxing career permanently. He still has 2-4 bouts in him that could get him 20M+ each (more if its against FMJr), and a severe basketball injury could kill all of that.

Pac is doing a Jordan and you're condemning only him.
Pac has played on minor leagues before joining this, can't you call it similar to Jordan learning the game at some period?
Jordan quit, after a while... The PBA is still in pre-season...

You are not comfortable of him playing bball because he might get injured and won't be able to play boxing where he's good at :shock: . He plays good basketball, but not good enough to be competitive against the PBA players.

The minor leagues are PROFESSIONAL leagues .
They get paid to play ball .
PBA is like a minor-league for the NBA. You have never seen a PBA player get signed by an NBA team.
There have been plenty minor leaguers who get called up and make a splash in the major league.
AA to AAA players. Rarely A league players .

He did not even look like he was part of the team. Saling pusa lang. But I think he will serve his purpose. Attracting viewers. Getting Kia attention.

Practice pa Manny and maybe you will truly become part of the team. At least iyong ball handling.

The big decision for KIA about Pacquiao will come in due time. For all of Pacquiao's
play and coach time on the basketball court representing a legit PRO team, will there
be a spike on sales of KIA's brand or will there be positive awareness of their company
to justify corporate representation by an egotistical clown?

When that time happens, Pac's gonna get thrown out of that fckin team like a dirty rag..
And what happens to a guy when his ego or pride was hurt ? Hope he can manage it well...
Good luck, idol... The real ATG/HOF fighter in our time..

Watch the video on Manny Pacquiao's crossover move.

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